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PIA to train CAA flight inspector for ATR aircraft

KARACHI: The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has sought assistance from the Pakistan International Airline (PIA) for training of a flight inspector for ATR aircraft operated by the national airline.

CAA Director Flight Standards Captain Arif Majeed has written a letter to the national airline stating that the inspector must be trained on the airline’s expense to develop competencies for their respective duties.

It states that the airline arranges training of one Flight Operation Inspector from Flight Standards Directorate, when it inducts a new type of aircraft which is not available on Civil Aviation register or there is no inspectors currently trained.

This will reportedly cost 25,000 dollars for the fledgling national airline.

It further states that there are no trained or qualified inspector on ATR aircraft to perform regulatory duties and supervision of training and operations.  It approves Captain Mohsin Malik, Flight Inspector, for the ATH flight simulator trainings.

However, the handing over of the training of inspectors by the CAA to the airline is a blatant violation of international aviaition laws and procedures.

The International Civil Aviation Organisation’s Document 8335 “Manual of Procedures for Operations Inspection, Certification and Continued Surveillance” states that the regulatory authorities such as the CAA cannot undertake training of inspectors by any airline operators and is strongly discouraged.

“It is not desirable for CAA inspectorate personnel to acquire this training from an operator or organization under their inspectional jurisdiction,” said the rules by the ICAO. The training can be obtained through courses offered by manufacturers, private training facilities and other states under the auspices of ICAO.



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