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Two planes collide mid-air in US

At least eight people have died after two planes collided with each other mid-air over a United States (US) lake.

A report carried by a US media outlet quoted Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Ryan Higgins that the two planes collided over Coeur d’Alene Lake in Idaho and then sank.

He said that many people witnessed the incident or its aftermath as they were boating on the lake during the holiday weekend.

US plane collide lake

Higgins said that a call came in for two planes that had collided over the lake and two victims, both deceased, were recovered from the aircraft before they sank.

“The remaining six victims including adults and children are still unaccounted for but are believed to be dead,” Higgins said.

The cause of the plane crash and the number of passengers onboard both the planes are yet to be ascertained, he said.

The planes were located 127 feet underwater would not be recovered until either Monday or Tuesday.

The report quoted a spokesman for Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Ian Gregor, saying that one aircraft involved in the collision was a Cessna 206. The model of the other aircraft is not yet known.

The FAA and National Transportation Safety Board are investigating the collision, Gregor said.



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