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Players flee as bats invade basketball game in US

TEXAS: In a rare occurrence, an NBA game was disrupted when a torrent of bats invaded the basketball court at AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas.

According to foreign media, many players fled the spot, there were others who armed themselves with towels to fight the intruders.

Several videos of the incident were shared on social media leaving many amused. According to a HuffingtonPost report, to control the situation, bat catchers, who were actually security guards with nets, were drafted in.

After the bats attacked, fans started chanting long-time Spurs forward Manu Ginobili’s name. Ginobili once swatted a bat out of midair so play could resume during a 2009 game against the Kings.

It may be noted here that not too long ago, a cricket match between India and England was stopped after a swarm of bees invaded the game and even attacked some at the Green Field international stadium in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.




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