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PM, CM can change ministers over unsatisfactory performance, says Aleem

LAHORE: Punjab’s Senior Minister, Aleem Khan has said Prime minister and Chief minister can change ministers over ‘unsatisfactory’ performance, ARY News reported on Monday.

“Ministers can be changed, if Prime minister and Chief minister find their performance not upto the mark ,” said Aleem Khan while talking to the newsmen in Punjab’s provincial capital today.

“Ministers can be replaced, if better option is available,” he contented.

He said prime minister is reviewing his cabinet ministers’ performance, PM Khan is keen in fulfilling his promises made with the nation and they were also added in 100 days plan.

Reacting to corruption charges against him, Mr Aleem Khan questioned why PML-N had not taken action against him, during their five year rule, if he was involved in corruption.

“Inquiry was initiated against me in November 2015, when I was not holding any public office,” Aleem said.

The senior minister of Punjab said PML-N has history of initiating cases against political opponents, “Name a single case that Prime Minister Imran Khan had initiated to politically victimize his opponents,” asked Aleem Khan.

On the other hand, an important meeting of the federal cabinet is underway with Prime Minister Imran Khan in chair to review performance of the federal ministers.

Sources informed that unsatisfactory performance of ministers may lead to changing of their portfolios.

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