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PM Imran explains why he brought Turkish drama to Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan answered citizens’ questions in a live telephonic session on Sunday.

Responding to a question regarding crimes against women and children, the prime minister said: “Just like we can’t get rid of corruption through laws, these crimes too can’t be eliminated through laws.”

“We, as a society, have to fight this menace together,” PM Khan emphasised, pointing out a large number of such crimes go unreported.

He said such incidents will rise if vulgarity keeps increasing in society. The presence of the concept of purdah in Islam prevents vulgarity, he added.

“Why did I bring the Turkish drama here?” PM Imran Khan asked, explaining bringing western and Indian content to Pakistan will have adverse impacts on society.

The prime minister stressed the need for a “holistic approach” to eliminate these crimes, calling for public support to fight this “cancer”, which he said, is rapidly spreading in the society.



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