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PM Imran Khan vows to protect, promote human rights in country

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan, on the eve of ‘Human Rights Day’ expressed his resolve to promote and protect the human rights in the county.  

In his message on the occasion, PM Imran Khan said that Pakistan is proud to join hands with the global community in celebrating Human Rights Day and added that this day acknowledges the world’s commitment to the promotion and protection of Human Rights.

In line with the vision of our founding father Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Pakistan is a democratic, pluralistic and progressive state, said PM Imran and added that Pakistanis aspire for a society based on equality, the rule of law, respect for diversity, and justice.

According to a statement released from his office, the prime minister said, “In the Pakistan of today, we are committed to a strong democracy, rule of law, an independent judiciary, a free media and a vibrant civil society. The present Government of Pakistan is cognisant of its duties in the realm of human rights.”

He said that the Government of Pakistan is also cognisant of its duties to all its citizens and to the international community. The prime minister said PTI’s vision focuses on ensuring steady mainstreaming of human rights in our overall policies and in our national discourse.

He maintained that they are working to address discrimination faced by women and vulnerable groups in our society by providing them an enabling socio-economic environment for growth and protection of their rights guaranteed under the Constitution.

Imran Khan further said that independent commissions, empowered as courts, work to redress human rights violations, ombudsman offices address harassment and the State Bank aims to bring increased women into the banking system by 2020.

The premier said that over the past three months, this ministry of Human Rights has taken strong initiatives for the promotion and protection of human rights in Pakistan.

Together we must work against the exploitation and marginalization of vulnerable groups which deprives them of basic rights, to a life of dignity and equality, he concluded.



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