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A.D. Khawaja appointed new I.G. Sindh, Ghulam Hyder Jamali sacked

According to details, the proposal to appoint Khawaja as I.G. Sindh was forwarded by the Sindh government, which was approved by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. A.D. Khawaja will replace Ghulam Hyder Jamali, who is currently serving as the Inspector General of Sindh.

According to details, the Prime Minister had been sent three names for approval, out of which he had selected A.D. Khawaja’s name. Currently, A.D.Khawaja is serving as the Additional Inspector General of the special branch of police.

Ghulam Hyder Jamali has assumed office of the Inspector General of Sindh by replacing retired Squadron Leader Iqbal Mehmood in July 2014.

A contempt of court case is currently in process against Ghulam Hyder Jamali and nine other police officers in Sindh High Court.



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