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PML-N MNA found involved in human trafficking

ISLAMABAD: Babar Nawaz Khan, a PML-N MNA from treasury benches has allegedly been found involved in human trafficking and has been blacklisted, ARY News reported.

According to ARY News correspondent Azhar Farooq, Nawaz Khan has reportedly managed to send several persons abroad by forming bogus delegations to many European countries and through other illegal means.

Several missions in the federal capital had been investigating his malicious activities since last year and during this period few embassies also issued him visas intentionally just to monitor his activities and to get concrete evidence against their suspicion.

On the recommendation of a European embassy in Islamabad, his name has now been inserted in blacklist. Besides this all embassies of EU member countries, some other Anti-Fraud units within the western missions in Islamabad have also been informed about the suspicious activities of the said lawmaker.

Furthermore, it is also revealed that Naveed Alam Khan a local staff member of Portuguese Embassy in Islamabad has been facilitating the lawmaker in this illegal activity since long.

“Mr. Naveed is a blue eyed staff member of our embassy and very close to the Ambassador, he is not only facilitating the MNA but also formed a nexus with human trafficking networks in the country,” an insider told ARY News on condition of anonymity.

It is pertinent to mention here that Portuguese embassy is the only mission in Pakistan where the ambassador directly signs and approves all visa applications himself, while in all other embassies the visa issuance is the responsibility of a  low ranking diplomat and the head of the mission usually do not get involved in visa related matters directly.

It is believed that Babar Nawaz Khan may lose his parliamentary position due to his alleged involvement in the probe, as the ruling party is already in hard waters and facing many fronts these days.



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