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Police, jail officials facilitate sale of drugs, kidnapping for ransom at Karachi jail

KARACHI: Police and jail authorities are behind the well-organised and unfettered sale of drugs and alcohol among prisoners at the Karachi Central Jail, it has been revealed.

A prison inmate sent a message to ARY News making the startling revelation that the sale of drugs in jail is done in complete connivance with the police, while many drugs are provided by police officers who compel inmates to sell them within the jail.

The inmate revealed that drugs are sold between 15-20 thousand rupees, while alcohol under the disguise of ‘medicine’ is also been openly sold. Many inmates are also working to sell drugs in various barracks of the central jail. The money from the sale of drugs is split among the inmates, jail officials and the police.

He revealed that mobile phones still function in jail particularly wards no. 12, 14, 15 and 19 despite the installation of jammers. The jail officials disable the jammers at night while many inmates are known to use 4G internet services.

Kidnapping for ransom in central jail

The inmate made another shocking revelation that some prisoners are chosen and allowed to go outside prison to complete certain‘tasks’ and return back. Those prisoners kidnap citizens and other ‘targeted’ individuals who are only released after payment of extortion of ransom.

The inmate who is currently serving a life sentence paid Rs 170,000 to receive a separate room in prison from where he recorded the video. He has also received a police uniform which he wears to go outside to complete targets under instructions from police.

Regarding the recent escape of two dangerous terrorists from prison who belonged to a proscribed outfits, he revealed that both were facilitated by the police who even provided DSP uniforms to them.

Sindh Home Minister Sohail Anwar Siyal taking notice of ARY News’ report ordered an inquiry into to matter and strict action against responsible officials or inmates.

He said that he will direct the Home Secretary to initiate an Inspector General-level inquiry in the matter saying such activities cannot take place without the knowledge and involvement of jail officials.

It may be recalled that jail officials and law-enforcement agencies had conducted a thorough search operation after the escape of two high-profile terrorists who belonged to a proscribed outfit. A large amount of mobile phones, computers and other electronics were recovered from their possession.

Counter Terrorism Department Police had submitted a report in an Anti-Terrorist Court that a well-organised and influential group of inmates operate from the central jail. Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah has said that there is ‘criminal negligence’ between the escape of the inmates.



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