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Police called after mannequin mistaken for ‘customer dining indoors’ in Covid violation

Police called to a restaurant over a Covid-19 lockdown violation discovered that the customer who was reportedly dining indoors was actually a mannequin.

Mike Cormier, the owner of the restaurant in Canada’s Nova Scotia, said police came to his eatery Thursday morning after someone called to report someone was dining indoor at the facility in violation of shutdown orders.

“The officer got out and was looking in the window, and I saw her looking at the mannequin,” Cormier said.

He said the officer confirmed a caller had apparently mistaken the mannequin seated at a table for human customer.

Halifax Regional Police spokesman John MacLeod confirmed officers were called to the restaurant Thursday morning on a report of “individuals not following public health directives.”

“Officers attended and found there were no issues or violations at that time,” MacLeod said.

Cormier posted a photo to the restaurant’s Instagram page and wrote: “Please don’t call the police on us. We are only open for takeout and delivery. No eat in, she’s a mannequin to help with social distancing.”


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