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Police team reaches Karachi school to probe student’s mysterious death

KARACHI: A police team led by SP Liaquatabad Shabbir Baloch on Wednesday reached a school located in Karachi’s Samanabad area to launch a probe into the mysterious death of an 11-year-old student, ARY News reported.

An 11-year-old student named Habibullah fell to his death from the roof of his school building on Monday with police and school administration terming the death as suicide, a claim the boy’s parents strongly deny.

SP Shabbir Baloch, who visited the school today, interviewed teachers, the school’s owner and principal regarding the incident. The police officer, along with the investigation team, also went to the building’s rooftop from where the child allegedly fell to his death.

The seventh-grade student was found dead on Monday soon after his arrival in school as his body was found during the prayers’ assembly session.

The police officer told ARY News that he saw the rooftop and can say that the child may have himself jumped to his death after arriving upstairs during the prayers’ session at his school.

He was of the view that the boundary wall around the roof is too high for some other student to throw him.

The teachers also told media and the police that the child was allegedly suffering from diabetes and bouts of epilepsy and his health sometimes forced them to send him home.

The school’s principal said that he wants a transparent investigation and is even ready to be “thrown off the same roof” if found negligent.

It is pertinent to note here that the parents of the deceased claimed Tuesday that the school administration is not only refusing to cooperate with them but is instead threatening them to keep silent.

School administration’s ‘non-cooperation’ hinders investigation into 11-year-old boy’s mysterious death

“They are demanding we register a First Information Report (FIR) and then approach them for the CCTV footage. They are threatening us, I fear getting killed if I step outside my house,” the deceased’s mother had told ARY News.

The deceased’s aunt also told ARY News that the school administration has strictly “instructed” the family not to talk to media regarding the incident.

As ARY News contacted the school named Metropolis Academy’s principal, he maintained that Habibullah jumped to his death out of frustration.

He, however, refused to comment as to how an 11-year-old made it to the school’s rooftop despite the fact the incident occurred during prayers’ session when all students are instructed to stay in their respective classes. He had claimed that he has a witness to the incident that the boy himself jumped off the roof of the school.

11-year-old dies after falling off school building in Karachi



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