Political party leader casts shadow on impartial action in city: Rangers spokesman

KARACHI: A spokesman of Sindh Rangers has said that a statement of a leader of a political party has attempted to cast a shadow on Ranger’s impartial action for maintenance of supremacy of law in the city.

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It is mentioned here that jailed Karachi Mayor and MQM leader Waseem Akhtar on Saturday in his statement to media during his court hearing, had asked the D.G. Rangers somewhat like ‘let bygone be bygone’.

The Rangers spokesman in a statement said that the leader of the political party has given an impression that the target of the Rangers led operation in Karachi has been an individual or a political party.

The spokesman clarified that the paramilitary force leading operation in the city against criminals and terrorists, without any prejudice against any group of people or political party, for the supremacy of law.

“The objective of the operation is restoration of lasting peace in the metropolis,” Rangers spokesman said.

Waseem Akhtar, who was brought to an anti-terrorism court from the jail for the hearing of his bail applications, had directly addressed the director general of Rangers, Major General Bilal Akbar, during his media talk on Saturday, asking him move on and forget whatever happened in the past.

He said “DG-Rangers is our elder and I would ask him to forget [our] mistakes… I am sorry if he is furious on any matter,” the mayor had said, while appealing to the authorities not to ‘implicate him in false’ cases and allow him bail to serve the people of the city as their representative.

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Political party leader casts shadow on impartial action in city: Rangers spokesman

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