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How politicians, ‘Karanchi’ citizens reacted to Shehbaz’s ‘pan-eaters’ quip

KARACHI: Ahead of polls, president of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) on his two-day Karachi visit made sure to stir the emotions of Karachiites, although the kind of emotions he whisked are certainly not going to get Shehbaz Sharif votes from his ‘Karanchi’ (Karachi).

Former chief minister (CM) Punjab has flown back to his home, leaving behind a profound impression of negativity in the minds of Karachiites. Shehbaz Sharif in his witticism reached to a humiliating level by demeaning the traditional practice of eating ‘Pan’ (Betel Leaf) and mocking the accent of Karachi locals.

This is how PML-N’s senior leader lampooned people of Karachi:

Being severely offended by Punjab’s ex-CM remarks, the people of Karachi beside renowned politicians of major political parties could not hold back and lambasted Shehbaz on mainstream as well as social media.

Ali Zaidi of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) didn’t only stick to verbosely criticism, he went a step forward to shame Shehbaz with his actions. Zaidi reached a ‘Pan Ka Khokha’ (kiosk that sells betel leaves) and demonstrated something which was the need of the hour.

Watch Ali Zaidi in action:     


Former law minister Aitzaz Ahsan from Pakistan People’s Party schooled Shehbaz in the program Powerplay while stressing that Urdu speaking people of Karachi are very patriotic and polite citizens, “Such derogatory remarks of Shehbaz has slurred the entire community,” he added.

This is what Aitzaz said in Powerplay:


Farooq Sattar, leader of the party created to safeguard the rights of Urdu speaking community – Muttahida Quami Movement – crossly advised Shehbaz to use appropriate words and language while speaking. “Shehbaz Sharif must immediately apologize to the people of Karachi for his disgracing remarks,” he demanded.

Watch how enraged Farooq Sattar, a Muhajir leader, is:

After political bigwigs, the most important affectees of Shehbaz remarks – the locals of Karachi – have vowed not to give any votes to a leader who insensitively hurt their sentiments.

Karachiites angry on Shahbaz Sharif’s derogatory remarks



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