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VIDEO: ‘Possessed’ loading trolley move on its own in warehouse

The footage shows the trolley was stationed when a man at warehouse went past it. And a few seconds later, it was seen moving about two metres and turning slightly, as if being guided by an invisible, supernatural hand.

The sound of its movement perhaps drew attention of the worker who had just about to leave the facility.

A colleague of the man who also saw the happening seemed more spooked, as he nervously grabbed some paperwork from a nearby table and quickly marches out of the room.


The clip was uploaded to YouTube by Spanish paranormal channel Huelo el MiedoTM, although it does not specify where the footage was taken.

The incident triggered different opinions from internet users, with one terrified man commenting: “I won’t be able to sleep.”

While another apparently rebuffed any supernatural happening and said: “There is a gap in the floor. If there is a vibration these platforms will move on their own.”

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