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PPP to unveil people-friendly manifesto in next elections: Bilawal

SAHIWAL: Pakistan Peoples Party chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said that corrupt rulers are only concerned about their business interests and not the people while promising to bring a people-friendly manifesto in next elections. 

The PPP chairman addressing a public gathering in Sahiwal said that he does not have a political but rather cultural relationship with the city. “I am honoured to address the people of Sahiwal. I have a deep connection with the city.”

“The real power belongs to the people. The corrupt and inept rulers are deceiving the public,” he said adding that it was the PPP which strives against the oppressive capitalist class.

He said the rules were only concerned about their businesses when in power, while people are suffering from abject poverty, electricity prices are increased, and farmers are not receiving water for their crops.

Bilawal questioned what the incumbent Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) government has achieved over the last four years when farmers and labourers are being denied their due rights. “The rulers have done politics to increase their business,” he said.

He vowed that the PPP will continue to raise voice for their rights, and the upcoming manifesto for the next general elections will be farmer and people-friendly.

The manifesto, he said, will increase wages and pensions for labourers, and increase funds for health and education projects. “The provision of employment will be obligatory for the government,” he said adding that there will provide jobs if they come to power.

Bilawal vowed to continue striving for the masses, just like Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto thwarted all obstacles and hindrances from right-wing parties.

He said that attempts were made to stop the PPP through Nawaz Sharif, while politicians used institutions to forward their political interests. He further said some democratic leaders were placed in the laps of dictators for political nurturing.

Bilawal said the next general elections in 2018 will be his first and last for them. “I do not indulge in politics of the streets, threats and accusations. I indulge in politics of the people.”

He announced to hold political gatherings across the country. He promised to rid the nation of darkness and terrorism, and make Pakistan a democratic country changing the lives of the people.



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