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Mamnoon urges youth to learn Chinese language

SIBI: President Mamnoon Hussain Sunday urged the youngsters of Balochistan province to achieve excellence in modern sciences to fully exploit the imminent development opportunities under China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

Addressing the concluding ceremony of Sibi Festival here, the president advised the Balochistan government to formulate a comprehensive policy to train the youngsters in the fields of sailing, its allied professions, modern banking, business techniques as well as the hospitality of the foreign tourists.

He said, according to state-run wire service, that, the youth must learn the Chinese language keeping in view the future scope and needs of the language owing to CPEC.

He said the Balcoh people had a major responsibility to make CPEC a success and urged them to be ready to exploit the numerous opportunities to be brought by the CPEC.

President Mamnoon said the dream of converting CPEC into a reality demanded the national unity by putting aside the petty differences.

He also ruled the out the rumours of any changes in the CPEC route and assured the people the project was being executed as per the basic design.
He said besides bringing closer to each other, CPEC would also help uplift the backward areas of both Pakistan and China.

President Mamnoon said the people of Balochistan and all the backward areas would get major benefit from the CPEC. He said it was undeniable fact that people of Balochistan had the foremost right on Balochistan that would be protected.

He told the gathering that he had allocated a huge chunk of President House’s funds for establishment of a National University of Modern Languages (NUML) campus in Gwadar to teach Chinese language to Baloch youth.

He also lauded the multiple performances by the youngsters and role of the departments concerned to enrich the beauty of the event.

The President said federal government was taking measures to bring Balochistan at par with other province in development, while different ongoing development projects would be completed expeditiously in province under federal government which would provide overall benefits to people of the province.

“Federal projects of energy can be completed in few months which will help
overcome the energy shortages and end load-shedding in the province”, he added.




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