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Prisma app: Questions, tools and future

The app which became a social media sensation after its launch on Android last week, uses neural networks and artificial intelligence to turn the user’s photos into styles of artists like Munk and Picasso.

The app, which is downloaded exactly 281,314 times is being widely used by celebrities and general people on their social profiles.

Prisma’s Facebook page recently posted that the app has transformed a total of 1 billion photos into artworks.

Here, we look into the good and bad of the app’s Android version.

How to use

There are basically two ways, the app can be used. 1. Directly taking a photo in the app 2. Using a photo from your gallery.

 1. Directly taking a photo in the app

The app uses your smartphone camera, so it is a simple three step process─ You take a photo─Choose your desired filter and then wait for the Prisma to convert it into artwork.

2. Using a photo from your gallery

The gallery option is in the bottom-left of the app, and this too is a simple process─Choose a photo from your gallery─ Choose your desired filter and then wait for the app’s system to convert it into artwork.


How to remove Prisma logo from your converted photos

One of the basic concerns of many of the users is that they keep seeing the ‘PRISMA’ logo at the bottom of their converted photos.

Added to the app in order to promote it, the feature is quite easy to turn off. The main screen shows a settings button. One can click on the button, go to the third option and turn off the “Add watermark” option.


‘Why always over capacity’

As one user put it “the app is like a busy restaurant, it cancels your booking for being overcapacity”. The app, as it uses your data or internet connection to connect to its remote system for transforming your pictures, sometimes refuses to work for being overcapacity.

“There are too many people using Prisma right now. Please wait a moment and try again” is the message many people using the app are getting.

Soon after its Android launch, the developers themselves apologised for their server being down.

According to Value Walk, the developer is looking into the “over capacity issue” and has plans to resolve it within the next few days.

The good news

The app’s developers have repeatedly announced that they will come up with a video version, however, no release date has been announced.




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