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PTI’s Aleem Khan declares massive assets

LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Aleem Khan, who is in the run for NA-129 Lahore, owns massive assets inside Pakistan and abroad, according to his statement of assets submitted to the Election Commission of Pakistan.

According to details, Mr Khan has declared the net worth of his assets at Rs918,2,78,855. He borrowed loans to the tune of Rs699,704,306 from his own company.

The PTI leader’s personal property has been valued at Rs. 159,275,737. He has investments worth Rs. 90,000 in Pakistan and Rs. 8,138,005 abroad.

He owns vehicles whose worth has been declared at Rs. 34,721,652. He has three land cruisers and one Honda Civic.

Mr. Khan’s total shares in multiple firms have been valued at Rs. 129,353,990 and has 43 companies registered in his name in Pakistan and three companies abroad.

As per the assets statement, he is heavily indebted as he has to pay off an outstanding debt of more than Rs1.21 billion.

He disclosed the value of gold jewellry at Rs994,760 and has Rs. 935,200 in hand and Rs. 64,082,021 in back accounts.

The PTI leader has furniture whose worth he has declared at Rs. 1,960,000. He earned Rs. 4,395,799 under the head of monthly salary from 2015 to 2017 and paid taxes of Rs. 10,277,914 over three years.



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