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PTI blasts Mayor Akhtar over his legal notice to Khurram Sherzaman

KARACHI: Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf’s (PTI) Sindh Assembly member Khurram Sherzaman has received a legal notice from Mayor Wasim Akhtar over his statement over the anti-encroachment operation in Karachi.

A PTI spokesperson in party’s reaction over the matter on Wednesday said that if Wasim Akhtar considers himself a public representative, he should remain open for questions.

Those raising voice over the illegal actions of the mayor could not be suppressed, the spokesperson said.

Serving a legal notice instead of responding to criticism shows the standing of a person, the PTI statement said.

“It is his party, which is responsible for illegal encroachments in the city”, the PTI spokesman said.

The places were encroached and the people were then subjected to extortion, the spokesman further said.

Akhtar in his legal notice said that the PTI member’s statement against the anti-encroachment drive, has damaged his repute and demanded of Sherzaman to tender a public apology to him within 14 days, otherwise he could file a case to seek damages of upto Rs500 million from him.

The notice also warned of criminal proceedings against Khurram Sherzaman if he didn’t beg public apology from him.



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