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Imran faces raged MQM workers upon arrival at Jinnah Ground

According to details, Imran Ismail visited the venue along with a caravan of PTI workers to review the arrangements, where the workers of PTI and Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) came in face-off with each other.

Workers of both the parties chanted slogans against each other, while some enraged MQM workers kicked the vehicles of Imran Ismail and others, smashed them with batons, breaking the lights and windscreens.

Earlier, Ismail had arrived at the office of the deputy commissioner of district Central and submitted an application to hold rally at Jinnah Ground.

Sources told that the PTI leader was informed that there are concerns in case a rally is held at Jinnah Ground.

Talking to media on the occasion, Imran Ismail said that if there are some serious concerns his party would consider it, however if the authorities are preventing them from holding the rally due to MQM, then we will not stop and will hold the rally at all cost.

In his exclusive word with ARY News, the PTI candidate from NA-246 said that we shall rid the people of this fear.

“We will go to the Jinnah Ground to hold the rally and this hooliganism will not work anymore,” said Imran Ismail. “We will not fear anyone.”





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