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PTI MPA apologizes to man he thrashed earlier on street

KARACHI: Following strong backlash on the social media, Imran Ali Shah, the newly-elected Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTA) MPA from Karachi, apologized to a man who he had thrashed with his security guards earlier during a traffic brawl on Aug 14.

The MPA was filmed slapping the man, identified as Dawood Chauhan, multiple times during a street altercation with his security guards around, but the episode rebounded on the legislator when massive condemnations poured in after the video of the infamous episode went viral on the social media platforms.

In reference to the video that was shared by hundreds of people online, the MPA said he “never wanted to take the law in [his] hand (sic), however, it was in a spur of a moment that I momentarily lost my cool and reacted in a way that brought embarrassment to my position, my party and my supporters”.

Shortly after the incident, the MPA had issued a video claiming that the man, whom he had beaten up, was misbehaving with another poor man on the street. “I got off my car and asked him what’s wrong, but he also hurled abuses on me and I just defended myself,” he had said.

But the party didn’t corroborate the version he shared earlier.

After the video went viral, the PTI took notice of the incident and issued a show-cause notice to the MPA-elect. Senior party leader Firdous Naqvi had also tweeted that he had launched a probe.

In a latest development, a post is being shared on Facebook attributed to Dawood’s son ‘questioning the state’s inaction’.

Here’s what he says:



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