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PTI to set up cell to monitor performance of ministers, govt officers

ISLAMABAD: In an unprecedented move to ensure good governance and transparency in all the public offices, Prime Minister Imran Khan directed the ruling party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) to set up a cell to monitor the performance of ministers and government officers, said sources.

A monitoring cell headed by PTI General Secretary Arshad Dad would be formed to address the problems of general public and to keep an eye on the performance of ministers and the government officers, the sources added.

PTI leader Arshad Dad said that the purpose behind the monitoring cell was to improve the performance of ministers and the public officers. He said that the cell would convey public complaints to the prime minister and help resolve their difficulties.

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Earlier, Prime Minister Imran Khan on December 10 had directed ministries to ensure achievement of the targets set during the last hundred days.

This he had stated while chairing a meeting of the federal cabinet, which lasted for the record time of nine hours while reviewing performance of the ministers.

PM while praising the ministers, whose performance remained distinguished during last 3 months, said the foundation of “Naya Pakistan” had been laid.

“Those who performed well are safe and will not be removed from their ministries,” prime minister maintained while rejecting rumours of reshuffling in the cabinet.



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