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PUBG Mobile gets new Jungle Adventure mode

PUBG Mobile has introduced a new adventure mode, Mysterious Jungle, with new features to its classic tactical gameplay in the dense and rugged forest map Sanhok.

The jungle-themed update added fresh and fun experience in an already intense battlefield, available from June 1. Players who queue for Sanhok in Classic Mode will have the random chance to activate and get into the new Jungle Adventure Mode.

Following are the features PUBG Mobile has brought for players.

Hot Air Balloons

Another addition is that of Hot Air Balloons. Players will be able to use these to scout around the map, gather necessary resources, and look around for different statues. The Hot Air Balloons have a spawn place where players will be able to find and ride them.

Jungle Fruit

If you don’t like Totems that much, you can just look for Jungle Food. These are, well, fruits, that can do the same thing, except they don’t repair gear.

Also, players should be wary as there are negative effects to it, sometimes. Dizziness is one example while the positive effects include some mystical stuff like the player being able to sense and airdrop.

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However, the big kicker here is that the mode is random. If you’re in, you’ll find ‘Jungle Adventure’ written on the bottom right of your screen.

If the Sanhok map is not already downloaded, you can go to the map selection screen and find it in the Classic section. It is 142MB in size and comes with the new Jungle Adventure mode.

Lost Treasures

The in-game event “Lost Treasures” is now available in the PUBG new mode and players can come with their friends and try to find the Mysterious Jungle treasures.

Entering this mode is purely based on luck, if you’re in, you’ll find ‘Jungle Adventure’ written on the bottom right of your screen. So ensure you have the Sanhok map downloaded on your device, and if you’re lucky enough you’ll be welcomed into the jungle.



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