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Punjab govt decides to form JIT to probe police’s performance in Chotu Gang operation

According to details, the Punjab government has decided to form a Joint Investigation Team (JIT) to probe the reasons for the dismal performance of the police in the Chotu Gang operation. The operation, which had exceeded more than twenty days, caused the provincial government sufficient embarrassment since 24 policemen were captured by the dacoit gang and seven police officers were killed.

The JIT will not only focus on the results of the operation against Chotu Gang but it will also probe the reasons for the capture of more than twenty police officers. According to a source, the JIT could be headed by a senior police officer.

After the failure of the Punjab police to contain the crisis, Pakistan army had been called in to clear the Rajanpur island from militants and gang members. The armed forces fired upon the bunkers and hideouts of Chotu Gang members to decimate them entirely. After the army had laid siege to the island for a couple of days, Chotu surrendered with thirteen of his members unconditionally.



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