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Punjab govt makes NOC mandatory for collection of hides

Punjab Home department has written a letter to all the district governments for imposing complete ban upon outlawed organizations working under any name or pseudonym and under observation organizations to collect hides/skins and donations.

However, the charity organizations interested to undertake collection of skins/hides will have to apply to DCO concerned with an undertaking that they do not belong to any banned organization. District Intelligence Committee (DIC) will accord permission for such collection in specific areas and locations where public shall hand over skins and hides voluntarily.

The district administration and police authorities will arrange special random video monitoring of collection of hides/skins to ensure that elements of proscribed/banned organizations are not involved in this activity.

Meanwhile, the provincial government has also banned the use of loudspeakers to announce request for the collection of hides/skins and violators will be tried under Punjab Sound Systems (regulation) Act 2015.  The government has conveyed to the district governments for assigning special duties to Police, Revenue and Special Branch to monitor and report illegal activities.

Moreover, the business community purchasing skins and hides shall ensure that they buy them from those who have lawful permission for such collection.




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