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Punjab govt announces promoting students, organising special examinations

LAHORE: Punjab Education Minister Murad Raas has announced to promote matriculation and intermediate students to next classes without conducting examinations, ARY News reported on Friday.

It is decided to promote students of 9th and 11th grades to the next classes, whereas, the results of 10th-grade papers will be announced after checking the exam papers. The notification also read that 12th-grade students could improve their result numbers of 11th grade by appearing in the 2021’s exams.

However, no composite exam will be held for students of 9th and 10th Grade next year, Murad Raas said in his Twitter message, adding that they will appear in 10 and 12 grades’ exam and from their result previous years result will be calculated.

The education minister said that those students who could not appear in the examination of 10th and 12th grades will be assessed on the basis of their results acquired in 9th and 11th grades. However, the students will have to clear exams of all subjects. He added, “3% marks will be added to their total marks calculated for class 10th and 12th,” said the provincial education minister.”

Moreover, the education authorities have decided to give passing grade to the students failed in less than 40 per cent subjects in 9th and 11th grades.

According to the education minister, a special exam will be conducted for four categories. The examination will be held for those wanting to improve 11th-grade results and the student who are appearing in the composite exam.

The students will also be given the chance to appear in the ‘special exam’ who have taken additional subjects. The fourth category was introduced for the students who have failed in more than 40 per cent subjects in 11th-grade.

Murad Raas said that the date for the special examination was mentioned in the notification. He added that the education department has tried to make the best decisions for students.



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