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Punjab prisoners to get meat six days a week under new jail manual

LAHORE: Punjab government has changed the jail manual for prisoners across the province, allowing the provision of meat six days a week for them, ARY NEWS reported on Tuesday.

The prison department while updating the jail manual across the province, approved the provision of meat six days while pulses or lobia [red beans] in the remaining day of a week.

The food manual for breakfast was also updated as other than tea and plain roti, mashed potatoes chanay and halwa would be served to the inmates.

The authorities have already started the implementation of the new jail manual across the provincial prisons, besides also approving additional food provisions for special days.

Other than this, the Punjab government has also supported the inmates in showcasing products made by them during their jail term under an initiative to rehabilitate them.

A report shared previously that in an unexpected generation of revenue for the Punjab government, the prisoners in the Punjab jails have handed over an amount of Rs87.6 million to the authorities which they had earned as a profit.

According to details, the profit of Rs 87.6 million was earned by the 21,000 prisoners of the Punjab jails during the tenure of five years. “The amount was earned after the products prepared by the inmates were sold out by the authorities in the open market,” it said.

The products that inmates manufactured during their prison time included rugs, kit boxes, side lockers, furniture, blanket, and other items.

“Most of the profit came from textile products made by the prisoners and stands at more than Rs20 million,” the report shared adding that the entire amount has been submitted to the national exchequer through a challan.



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