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Quetta gets high-speed internet

ISLAMABAD: Quetta will now be getting high-speed internet, high-definition television and crystal-clear voice calls after a fiber-optic broadband service provider added Quetta to its network.

An announcement to this regard was made during an event in the city where Senator Naseebullah Khan Bazai was the chief guest.

Addressing the ceremony, Bazai said, “Fiber-optic broadband internet access paves way for economic growth by allowing access to technological innovations prevalent in more urbanised regions.”

The senator said StormFiber’s Fiber to The Home (FTTH) infrastructure would help fuel economic engine of the province as a whole, making everything from tele-medicine to remote workers a reality.

“Already, high-speed broadband has been a contributing factor in revitalisation and development of urban cities throughout the developed world and we hope to leverage the same for our province as well,” he added.

“It is high time that our people experience quality of life at par with that of developed countries, particularly when it comes to basic necessities such as internet, which is instrumental for intellectual, social and economic development,” said top official of the firm launching service in Quetta.

Cyber Internet Services Chief Operating Officer Maroof Ali Shahani highlighted the impact of increased fiber-optic broadband penetration on gross domestic product of countries, concluding that both types of infrastructure – highways for transport and highways for information technology – carry equal importance on road to economic development.

“A better-connected Pakistan translates to an increase in GDP, an increase in overall tax collection, improvement in standard of living, and empowers vital facilities such as education, entrepreneurship and digital exports, including software-related outsourcing,” said the COO.



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