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Qureshi to workers: Stay on ground, Imran is coming

“All PTI workers must stay on ground and remain peaceful, Imran Khan is coming,” he said while talking to ARY News.

He said he and Imran Khan were coming to Faisalabad to stand with their workers.

The purpose of stirring clash with the PTI meant to crack down on the party and arrest our workers, Qureshi said.

He informed that one of the PTI workers was killed and two injured.

Our workers are sticking to peaceful approach, but PML-N activists are asked to go offensive against us, he said.

He told that the government had now switched to panic mode.

He slammed the government for pretending to sit on negotiation table while it was using force at the other end.

The biggest power and force is the Almighty Allah and we rely on him, he said.



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