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A barber in Italy who charges white customers more

Ever thought the price of a haircut would depend on your skin tone?

A barber shop owner in Northern Italy attracted a lot of hostile attention when he charged more from white customers and less from black customers, for a haircut.

When police burst in Gloria Coiffeur Beauty Centre in the Veneto region of Northern Italy, they found a price list of haircuts. A higher price was charged from people who had white skin tone whereas blacks were charged less. On the list, the barber appears to charge 10 Euros (£7) for a ‘white’ haircut, as opposed to 6 Euros (£4) for a ‘black’ haircut.

Police quizzed the African barber over the offense he had committed. A customer by the name of Delmo Ricci was infuriated by the ‘racist’ barber and termed it as utter discrimination.

‘I could not believe my eyes when I saw the sign. It is blatant racial discrimination’, he said.

‘I thought that kind of thing had been stamped out years ago. The owner must be crazy if he thinks he can get away with that.

‘I took one look at the price list and voted with my feet and walked out. It’s a disgrace’.

A police spokesperson further confirmed that an inquiry was being launched into the barber’s offense.



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