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RAID: World War II coming to PS4 next month

Lion Game Lion has announced action-packed four player cooperative shooter RAID: World War II is coming to PlayStation 4 just weeks away on October 10. 

RAID: World War II is set during a time when the Nazi war machine was still going strong, that lets players team up as the Raid crew and venture through the epic events of World War II.

During the worldwide fight against evil, four prisoners of war are freed from a gestapo jail to take down Hitler and his Third Reich once and for all and get rich while doing it.

Ilija Petrusic Creative Director, Lion game Lion wrote about the time some years ago he talked to his boss about Project Tokyo, a game set during World War II, with the DNA of Payday.

“It’s a co-op FPS during World War II. Four guys cause mayhem, kill Nazis, steal their gold, all while being tongue-in-cheek with a dark twist,” he said

Petrusic said it is fair to compare the game with Payday as he worked on Payday: The Heist and Payday 2 as the lead level designer and knows how to make a good co-op heist game.

However, the DNA is only the foundation and they have changed the heart, blood and brain. There are many things which separate the two games.

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They looked at the features which worked in Payday and ones which lacked, and added stuff like a “War Cry” feature and Challenge Cards that will make the gameplay more dynamic.

Petrusic said they wanted to give players a real “home” to come back to, and made a Camp for the players to expand and update as they complete Raids.

Finally, a feature called Operations create a more story-driven game flow where you raid but with lore on top helping to create a nice place to continue the narrative.

Calling him a WW2 buff, Petrusic worked with his brother Niki and writer Tid to shape the game together to what we felt we missed in WWII-themed games.

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However, they didn’t want to focus on big battles and preferred movies like Kelly’s Heroes for inspirations rather than Saving Private Ryan for more focus on the smaller teams with relatable characters and stories.

They also want to expand stories that are not in game stories of World War II. “It’s understood that Nazis are bad. But when it came to the story we wanted to tell, and our four main characters, we wanted it to be about a group of not-quite clean-cut traditional square-jawed commandos fighting the good fight,” wrote Petrusic.

Another aspect that differs from Payday is the fact that Raid is set in a much more analog world Raid has elements like lock picking, bombs and dynamite which might not always go off exactly when they’re supposed to, and not everything goes according to plan making players to make use of what they have got.

Petrusic said their goal is to entertain, not to educate. They wanted to provide players with the full WWII experience where they get access to mind-blowing weapons and vehicles created during the era.

“We’ve done the research, now we’re twisting it to create the fantasy,” he said. “The main thing I’d like is for you to have fun while playing it.”



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