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‘Know who you are’: Ramsha Khan’s message to girls idealizing her ‘Khudparast’ avatar

For everyone watching ARY Digital’s Khudparast, Uswah (played by Ramsha Khan) comes across as someone who is confident, arrogant and lovable at the same time.

The girl is opinionated, broad minded and wants to enjoy life to the fullest but things take a 180-degree turn when she is married into a conservative household.

The free girl who used to object upon the lifestyle of her own sisters-in-law had to go through a reality check; a situation she cannot escape and has to cope up with, without breaking hearts.

The girl, who, till her wedding day, was sure that she will tackle all her in-laws and won’t compromise on her principles finds that no amount of change can make her husband Hannan (played by Shehzad Sheikh) and her mother-in-law happy.

As her love-hate relationship with her in-laws continues, ARY Digital asked Ramsha Khan about what she thinks about the role she is playing in ‘Khudparast’.

“Now there are two things, the type of the girl (that Ramsha is), who are bold and believe in themselves, they can be dealt with if we understand them and their demands,” said Ramsha Khan.

She, however, added that sometimes such girls’ overconfidence harms them for they tend to become selfish.

“Know who you are, things change and people change too,” concluded Ramsha.

You can watch Khudparast every Saturday only on ARY Digital.



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