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ATC hands over Uzair Baloch to Rangers for 90 days

According to Rangers, Baloch was taken into custody after an operation outside the metropolis late on Friday night as he was trying to enter Karachi.

Uzair Baloch

The high-profile gangster was produced before an Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) on Saturday, from where he was remanded into Rangers custody for 90 days.

Baloch was brought at the ATC under stern security, while the news men were also not allowed to enter the courtroom due to security concerns.

The notorious gangster has been booked in over 40 cases and carried Rs 5 million head money.

Uzair Baloch

Rangers arrest gang war leader Uzair Baloch by arynews
It should be noted that Interpol had arrested the Amn Committee’s chief in 2014 from Dubai.

He became the head of the committee following the killing of Rahman Dakait in an encounter with Police headed by former SSP Chaudhry Aslam.

Baloch has been charged in several cases of extortion, murders and kidnapping for ransom etc.

Sources said that Baloch could making sensational revelations regarding Khalid Shehanshah, the eye-witness of the murder of former prime minister Benazir Bhutto.

Shehanshah was mysrteriously killed in Karachi later.

His ties with the party started turning sour when the provincial government launched crackdowns against criminal elements in the area in 2012. However, no significant results were achieved while scores of policemen were left dead in the operation.

The provincial government announced reward money against high profile criminals of the area including Baloch, who had Rs. 2 million reward on his head.

However, the bounty was pulled back ahead of the 2013 general elections by the caretaker government in order to please the PAC but the problems with the committee and Sindh government left no choice for Baloch but to leave the country.

The centre asked Interpol to issue warrants for arrest of Uzair Baloch along with a gang war ally turned foe Noor Mohammad alias Baba Ladla.

A court issued arrest warrants against Uzair Baloch and other leaders of the aman committee. Police claimed to recover weapons and explosives from their possession meant for use in Lyari gang war.



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