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Rangers kill suspected Lyari gangster in Memon Goth shootout

KARACHI: Sindh Rangers gunned down a ‘suspected’ militant in retaliatory firing during a raid in Memon Goth area of the city, ARY News reported on Thursday.

According to officials, the paramilitary force carried out a raid on an intelligence tip-off about presence of unscrupulous elements in the area.

The militants allegedly opened fire on the raiding team after sensing the arrival of paramilitary personnel at their hideout.

In retaliation, one of the militants was killed while two others managed to flee the gun battle, official sources informed media.

The slain militant has been identified as Ghafoor Chottu, who is said to be affiliated with one of the notorious gangs of Lyari- Baba Ladla group.

Chottu was wanted in as many as 20 criminal cases, besides a case of killing three foreign nationals in Hub city of Balochistan back in 2006, the official sources added.

The slain gangster was also said to be a close aide of infamous gang leader Rehman Dacoit, who was died in an encounter with police.

Rangers also claimed to recover a hand grenade and a rifle from the possession of the gangster.

Weapon haul recovered from Memon Goth

On Sunday, the paramilitary force recovered a huge stockpile of weapons from Memon Goth again.

The weapons arsenal was discovered during a raid carried out on an intelligence tip-off. The weapons were stashed in a water tank recovered during the raid, the Rangers spokesperson informed the media.

A suspect – whose identification could not be ascertained – has also been arrested during the raid.

Lyari gangster
Weapons stashed by the gang members of notorious Lyari’s Baba Ladla group.

According to the paramilitary officials, the weapons belonged to Lyari’s notorious Baba Ladla group. The arms and ammunition were concealed by the gang members to evade seizure by law enforcement agencies in an ongoing crackdown against the unscrupulous elements in the city, the spokesperson added.

The weapons include four SMGs, two 3-bore pistols, one MP-16 rifle, one raptor gun, one 7mm rifle, 21 magazines and 891 bullets.

Rangers have appealed the citizens to assist the paramilitary force in eliminating terrorism and inform about suspected activities on 1101.



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