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Rao Anwar says his suspension doesn’t mean Izhar’s release

“My suspension will not lead to Izhar’s release though it will hamper the investigation,” Rao Anwar told media in an emergency press conference.

MQM leader Khawaja Izhar, however, was released later from Karachi police office.

About the legal status of his action, Anwar claimed that speaker’s permission is not required before arresting a lawmaker, only a written information letter is sent after the arrest.

“Days before today, Rangers arrested them but no such permission was taken from the speaker of the house,” said Anwar.


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The police officer who arrested the Member of Provincial Assembly (MPA) Khawaja Izharul Hassan from his residence earlier in the day, maintained that Izhar is wanted in a number of cases including those of hate speech and recent incidents of setting buses on fire.

He also blamed Izhar and his party of planning more attacks in the city and warned that his suspension will not only hamper investigation in the cases against MQM leaders but will also have its other “side effects”.

Anwar lashed out Sindh government over what he termed a “hasty decision” to suspend him “without even an hour of inquiry” about his action.

He also threatened to quit his job over what he called continued intervention in his “honest work” by a group within the law enforcement agency.

Rao Anwar’s suspension orders



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