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Read ‘messages’ on every wall in Kashmir, Pakistan tells India

ISLAMABAD: Saying bullets cannot bring peace, on ‘Kashmir Black Day’ Pakistan asked India on Thursday to read and understand the exclusive messages from Kashmiris emblazoned on almost every wall of the held Himalayan valley.


It was high time for “India to read the writings on the wall and implement the pending UN Security Council resolutions on Jammu and Kashmir” for a cordial resolution of the decades-long dispute, said Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in his message.


“The only peaceful, plausible, logical, and conceivable solution to the Kashmir dispute, which is also consistent with the international law and norms, is the implementation of the UN Security Council resolutions on Kashmir,” he said.


According to the prime minister, a sole explanation of India’s adamant refusal to implement UN resolutions was evidence that “India was certain that the verdict of people of Jammu and Kashmir in such a plebiscite will be against it”.

“More than 1.5 billion people of the region deserve to see the dawn of peace and prosperity which has been held hostage to the gross, consistent and systematic violations of human rights in IoK and complete disregard to the UN Security Council resolutions,” the premier explained.


He said, “We pay homage to the sacrifices of our brethren in Indian Occupied Kashmir and reiterate our unflinching and steadfast moral, diplomatic and political support for the just cause of the people of Jammu and Kashmir,” and added, Pakistan’s support would continue till the dispute of Kashmir was resolved.

October 27, 1947, marks one of the darkest chapters of the human history. “On this day 68 years ago, the Indian forces landed in Srinagar to occupy, subjugate, oppress, and terrorise the innocent people of the Indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir,” he recalled.

“Despite commitments to the international community and numerous resolutions of the UN Security Council on Jammu & Kashmir, the Indian government has unleashed a reign of terror in IoK and remains recalcitrant to fulfil its commitments,” he said.

He said the brutality of Indian forces had intensified after the extra-judicial killing of Kashmir freedom leader Burhan Wani, on 8 July 2016.


“They have shed away all norms of humanity and civility in committing the worst form of state terrorism against the defenceless and hapless masses of IoK with the misplaced perception that they can crush the legitimate Kashmir struggle,” he said.

He said the open use of live ammunition and pellet guns by Indian forces against civilians in Kashmir was “highly contemptible and condemnable” in strongest possible terms.

“The current episode of Indian brutalities is nothing new in IoK. It is only a vivid illustration of a consistent pattern of state oppression, massacres, genocide, and atrocities being continued by the Indian occupation forces in IoK for the last 68 years,” PM Nawaz said.



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