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Ready made garments of cost US $809.704Mn exported in first four months of existing financial year

ISLAMABAD: Ready made garments of cost US $ 809.704 million is exported during first four months of existing financial year, as compared to exports of US $ 804.543 million of the consequent phase of last year.

Throughout the time span from July to October, 2018-19, entire garments exported from the country witnessed 0.63% growth as about 14,303 thousand dozens of the ready made garments exported as compared to the exports of 12,011 thousand dozens of similar period of preceding year.

According to Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) data, it is revealed that,  exports of knitwear elevated by 10.41% during the period under assessment as the country earned US $ 962.819 million by exporting almost 39,880 thousand dozen of knitwear, comparatively to the exports of 34,061 thousand dozen of worth US $ 872.015 million of identical period of previous year.

During the period from July to October, exports of bed wear lifted up by 2.10% as compared to the equivalent period of previous year and about 133,370 metric tons of bed were costing US $ 771.204 million exported.

However, the data also revealed that, the exports of the bed wear was documented at 126,324 metric tons of cost US $ 755.307 million in first four months of preceding financial year.

Furthermore, in first four months of existing financial year, textile group exports from Pakistan experiences 0.41% augmentation as compared to the exports of the equivalent period of last year and textile products value US $ 4.407 billion exported comparatively to the exports of US $ 4.389 billion of matching period last year.

Also, during the period under evaluation, exports of raw cotton diminished by 71.54%, cotton yarn by 11.19% and cotton cloth by 0.25% respectively.

On monthly basis, the textile group exports have declined by 0.12% in October 2018, as compared to the same month of last year as textile products value US $ 1.130 billion exported as compared the exports of US $ 1.132 billion of similar month of preceding financial year.



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