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Poetic justice: Reham taunts Imran Khan with latest tweet

In her latest Tweet, Reham Khan seemed to express her somewhat sadness or regret at the divorce, via a tweet which contained a verse. This is what she posted in her tweet:-

The message that one gets from reading this tweet is that Reham Khan is disappointed with Imran Khan for not defending her and speaking out in her defence while she braved all the criticism that came her way during the time she was married to the PTI chairman and even after the news of their divorce was made public.

The second half of the Urdu verse translates into “Others who laugh at me are still better than you,” implying that at least they act in a manner that is not hidden or hypocritical.

Reham Khan and Imran Khan’s 10-month marriage ended in divorce when they announced that they had mutually agreed to part ways. Following their divorce, Reham denied widespread rumours that she had poisoned the PTI chairman while they were married. Imran also defended his wife after they were divorced.

However, a couple of days ago Reham wrote an article for a UK newspaper in which she cited reasons for their divorce. According to Reham, no one was to blame for the divorce but the couple themselves.

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Just yesterday, the PTI chief had thanked Reham Khan for her philanthropic efforts in helping street children.



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