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Reham says she is in Pakistan to join media

Imperturbable Reham said she would prefer to die in her motherland [Pakistan], rather than ‘running away’.

“I am a Pathan and I know how to sacrifice my life,” she said in a reply to volley of questions by journalists about threats to her life.

Reacting to allegations of her receiving money from PTI chairman, she asked some news anchors attributed false news citing PTI leaders that Reham property and money after split with Imran Khan.

“I ask those anchors to prove their allegations.”

Reham says pleased on return to Pakistan by arynews

She expressed regret that several allegations were hurled against her during TV talk shows. She said she was now in Pakistan to answer everything.

She praised PTI Karachi leader Faisal Vawda for her generosity and brotherly treatment. “He’s and his wife has always been very kind to me, so I am thankful to them,” remarked Reham.

Imran and Reham parted ways in October this year after 10 months of their marriage.

“We have decided to part ways and file for divorce,”Reham Khan had said in a brief statement on her Twitter account.

Imran Khan tweeted that it was a “painful time” and that he has “the greatest respect for Reham’s moral character & her passion to work for & help the underprivileged”.

Reham Khan, host of a local TV talk show, was widely criticised after she appeared at public meetings of Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf (PTI) party, with opponents accusing her of seeking to boost her own profile through her husband’s fame.



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