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Remembering M.M.Alam: Pakistan's best fighter pilot!

M.M.Alam was one of the most stellar fighter pilots Pakistan has ever produced. His flying prowess and the ability to down an enemy aircraft was instrumental in inflicting heavy casualties whenever and wherever Pakistan was engaged in combat. Here’s a look at the life of one of the most dedicated men to have served Pakistan valiantly.

Muhammad Mahmood Alam was born on 6th July 1935 to a well educated and financially well off family in Calcutta. He completed his matriculation studies from the Sindh Government High School in Dhaka (formerly a city in East Pakistan). M.M.Alam pursued his dream of becoming a pilot in 1952 when he entered the air force and became a commissioned officer on 2nd October 1953. It was in the 1965 war with India that M.M.Alam proudly defended his country in the skies and decimated Indian airplanes one after the other. Whilst battling the Indian hunter fighter planes, M.M.Alam downed an astounding figure of 5 Indian warplanes in just one minute! The feat was recognized as a world record, with 4 out of 5 enemy warplanes being blown up by Alam in the first 30 seconds.

M.M. Alam atop a fighter plane.

In 1967, Alam was transferred as the Squadron Commander of the first squadron of Dassault Mirage III fighters procured by the PAF. He was removed from staff college in  1969. In 1972, he commanded No. 26 Squadron for two months.

M.M.Alam finally hung his boots in 1982 and lived a quiet, retired life in Karachi from thereon. On the whole, M.M.Alam has the distinction of downing 9 planes. He was also awarded the Sitara-e-Juraat award for his bravery during the conflict of 1965.

M.M.Alam breathed his last on 18th march 2013 in Karachi due to lung disease. A major road has been built in his honor in Lahore, aptly titled M.M.Alam road. Alam is one of the most inspiring war heroes of Pakistan whose tales of bravery and courage, as well as expertise in manning a warplane will forever be etched in history.



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