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Road Redemption coming soon to Xbox One

Vehicular combat racing video, Road Redemption, developed by Pixel Dash Studios and EQ-Games will be available on Xbox One soon.

Ian Fisch, CEO EQ-Games made the announcement on the official XBox blog saying they focused on making sure its gameplay is immediately satisfying, while still offering depth and rewards for those who spend time to master its systems. We believe this should be the goal of all action game developers.

Road Redemption combines solid action with unique weapon effects and a steep but friendly learning curve. Whether you’re a novice or a power player, once you jump on your bike you’re in for a non-stop thrill ride.

“Within the first five minutes of launching the game, you’ll be knocking opponents off their bikes and kicking them into roadside embankments. We took inspiration from the Call of Duty franchise and populated the game’s first few levels with enemies that go down on one or two hits.

“This makes you feel powerful in these early levels; as long as a player can drive and press one of the two melee attack buttons, they’ll have a good time. Road Redemption is more than a simple arcade-like experience — the game has a lot of depth beyond those first few levels with advanced techniques that take time to learn and master,” he said.

Fisher said they are aware there is an element that a significant subsection of gamers want to see in everything they play in Road Redemption‘s story, and they wanted to have strong story and character elements but present them in a way that can be mostly ignored by players who just want to play the game.

Thus, Road Redemption‘s story is told entirely through spoken dialogue during gameplay, with a plot that’s easy to absorb while you’re juggling an inventory of weapons at 200 mph.



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