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Woman transforms old rusty oven to look ‘brand new’!

Replacing the ovens can prove very costly, as they quickly begin to look tired as baked on food stains, scorch marks and rust take their toll, but one woman has found an unique way to breathe new life into her oven without paying heavy cost.

The simple trick also won’t leave you on your knees endlessly scrubbing with a metal scouring pad as you work your way through a bottle of oven cleaner.

A member of the Cleaning Tips & Tricks Facebook group posted a photo of her oven, showing the white exterior door had been largely taken over by rust marks and brown stains.

Despite looking ready for the scrap heap, the poster was determined to salvage her old oven and give the kitchen a much-needed refresh.

She began by using sand paper to strip back and smooth the surface, before giving the whole thing a new coat of radiator paint – and the results are incredible.

“So proud of myself,” she said.”It’s my oven… I sand it first then I used quick dry radiator enamel paint. And it looks brand new.”



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