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‘Smoking is injurious to all, not only to women’

Saba Qamar is one smart cookie and the lady has proven it time and again that she not only knows acting but also masters the art of dealing with trolls on social media.

If anyone needed a proof, her recent picture is something he or she must see.

Perhaps irked by the undue criticism on her fellow female stars over the “unacceptable act of smoking”, Saba shared a picture with the right message and with “right message”, we mean a complete message.

Here is the message

“Mard peeyein toh wah Hum peeyein toh haaaa 🤭 Tum khao toh chips 🍟 Hum khaain toh aaloo 🤢

Smoking is injurious to all, not only to women”

Well, the message is not only powerful but a complete message.

She takes a dig at hypocrites who themselves smoke but are offended the moment they see a women, whether a celebrity or ordinary woman, smoke.

In addition, she doesn’t forget reminding all that smoking, however, is injurious to health and not a good habit.



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