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Sadly, we all can relate to this new play ‘Mubarak Ho Beti Hui Hai’

The first episode is a hit and everyone is just praising the makers of this new ARY Digital play “Mubarak Ho Beti Hui Hai” for coming up with the concept which is not new but still bold in our society.


The dialogues are stinky and the situation is ignominious, the house and the environment inside the house is unbearable but is familiar.

We all have seen such people, some have personally experienced the pain and the scars are going nowhere from the soul.

The plot is simple, Saima is playing Sajid Hasan’s wife and has three daughters. Her husband and her mother-in-law want a son.

Doctors have predicted (an ultrasound report) that this time she will give birth to a son and now the husband and mother-in-law have their hopes high.

The mother-in-law (played by¬†Ayesha Khan) delivers her dirty thoughts in the dirtiest way… the thing seems unbearable but haven’t we all heard it around us… haven’t we all pitied people with daughters only?

The mother gives birth to a daughter and everyone is awestruck, the father and mother-in-law refuse to accept the fact that the child is a girl and want to register a police case against the doctor whose ultrasound report suggested that the child may be a boy.

Sadly, the drama doesn’t end here and the grandmother even doesn’t allow the nurses to dress her granddaughter while delivering monologue which is unbearable but yes, again, we all can relate to it.

The sad fact is that we haven’t evolved.

Our religion, our education and the examples women have set as successful individuals fail to inspire us when all we want is a son, a waris (heir) and someone who will “take care of us when we will be old”.

The drama may not change our behaviour but it has definitely gone the length many makers would not like to and has shown us the mirror.

“Oh,,, you fathered a son…. great!”

“Oh…its a daughter.. God willing you will have a son too”

“Its a daughter again? Never mind… next time it will be a son”

“Its a daughter again!! Ohhhh.. Congrats”.

Yes, a number of people and families still consider daughters like “unwanted beings” and even “educated” people and families treat them like burden.

The educated ones may greet the fourth daughter like…

“Never mind,,, even daughters prove to be good heirs, serve their parents when they are old and can achieve everything in life” – Why such a long explanation by the way?




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