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Why this Lahore ‘Nashta place’ was rewarded with Rs10,000 cash

Punjab Food Authority (PFA) recently awarded Rs10, 000 cash to a Nashta (Breakfast) place owner in Lahore over cleanliness and hygienic conditions.

Curious, ARY News’ ‘Zamaidar Kon‘ team visited the place and found that the small eatery actually deserved the award as despite running his restaurant in a small shop, the owner of ‘Haji Ghulam Rasool Channay Walay’  had kept the place clean and fit for a healthy breakfast.

As the ARY News team entered the restaurant, it checked the refrigerator, the kitchen and overall cleanliness of the place along with waiters’ and staffs’ uniforms and found out that the owner has taken every care to make the eatery a healthy place for a healthy breakfast.

The owner, while talking to ARY News, expressed hope that the eatery will not let its customers down and will continue to remain a healthy place for Lahoris to eat.




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