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Saleem Shahzad welcomes Nadeem Nusrat’s expulsion from MQM committee

Talking exclusively to ARY News, the founding member of MQM said that the expulsion of London-based leaders from MQM is a commendable step but especially targeted the party’s London-based convener Nadeem Nusrat with criticism.

Shahzad said that Nusrat left the party at a critical juncture, then came back in 2013 and during Nusrat’s tenure (as convener)  a group left Pakistan for Dubai which later emerged as PSP, while the August 22 episode too happened when he was holding the convener post.

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Return to Pakistan

Shahzad, who resigned from politics back in October 2015, announced that he will come back to Pakistan within two weeks and will support Farooq Sattar.

He denied the impression that MQM Pakistan and London are in some collusion to condemn each other’s activities, and maintained that Sattar needs a good team to move forward with his decisions.

Shahzad suggested that MQM Pakistan should not allow any criminal and terrorists within its fold.

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