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Salman Iqbal resigns as President T10 League

KARACHI: President and CEO ARY Digital Network Salman Iqbal has stepped down from his position as president of T10 League, citing lack of transparency, unprofessionalism and improper structure in the league.

“I am resigning from the position of President T10 league and disassociating myself from all its operations. The reason for my resignation is lack of transparency, unprofessionalism and no proper structure of the league for which I have been persistently asking for and can no longer continue without the same,” he explained.

Mr Salman Iqbal said that private cricket leagues that are not controlled by the International Cricket Council (ICC) and lack independent players monitoring system and policies as well as procedures may lead to numerous misconducts.

“I had joined the venture as I felt the need to represent Pakistan in this new format and promote cricket and Pakistani cricketers at different platforms. My prime objective for the league was to safeguard the interest of Pakistani players and promote Pakistani cricket.”

“With current standing of the league, it is obvious that the league is heading in wrong direction and we cannot allow Pakistani players to be misused for vested interests of foreign individuals,” he said.

Mr Salman Iqbal suggested that proper system and monitoring should be in place under the supervision of the ICC to safeguard all players and the sanctity of the game.

“I believe it is better for me to part ways with an unsupervised T10 league,” he concluded.



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