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Salon owner, staff allegedly come under attack by NAB official’s wife

Haya Ali, owner of Envy Salon, alleged in a Facebook post that the ‘Hina got her guard beaten up, trespassed and scared the girls there’.

“The four men were government officials who came in a police mobile upon orders of Hina’s husband, Assistant Deputy Director NAB Ausaf Mir Talpur,” she stated.

Narrating the episode, Ali said it happened on Tuesday when one of her clients named Hina Khan claimed to have lost her chain at the salon. The owner, when telephoned later, informed the lady that the salon and staff were not responsible for any loss of belongings as per a ‘giant sign at the reception’.

Having arrived at the center, the owner said she found the woman waiting for her at the reception, yelling at staff.

Video 1/4 that i had my worker record from her phone. Notice how she says "Baat karne say pehlay ye dekh liya karo samnay walaa banda koi bhi nikal sakta hai." Matlab how proud is she to have the COUNTRY'S AUTHORITIES support her wrong doings. And yes, this is how i remained throughout our conversation. :)This psychotic woman's name is HINA KHAN, ICYMI.

Posted by Haya Ali on Wednesday, 6 April 2016

The lady, despite repeated polite requests to calm down, refused and got physical, Ali said. She also assaulted an elderly client, who was trying to pacify her.

Ali said after repeated apologies, the woman didn’t cool down and assaulted two of her staffers, prompting the owner to call security to escort her out. This was the moment when Khan raged and punched Ali in the face.

The woman waited in her car outside and soon after four men in civvies came in a police vehicle and forced their way into the salon.

The men – armed and dressed in plain clothes – severely thrashed my guard almost fracturing his leg, the owner recalled. They also beat a 14-year-old boy after realizing that he too worked at the facility.

Video 2/4 CCTV footage that shows how brutally Hina Khan's husband and his men claiming to be police officers (but dressed in civilian attire) attacked my guard and snatched his gun and cellphone. They also broke the intercom so that he couldn't warn us upstairs. These men went into the salon ALL ARMED, scaring and harassing the girls and clients. Hina forcefully entered the salon premises again with the help of these men after she was escorted out by me.

Posted by Haya Ali on Wednesday, 6 April 2016

She added that the intruders made their way upstairs, the female staffers locked the doors and called the security company, who too upon arrival learnt that they were helpless as the police was involved.

“The men rummaged through the salon and entered every room, not even sparing the section reserved for massage,” said Haya Ali. “The men tried to kick open every door and vandalized the entire salon.”

The owner says she tried to lodge a complaint with local police, but the SHO refused and forced her to settle the matter with the accused instead.

Ali, who happens to be daughter of known actor Shagufta Ejaz, said the SHO threatened to arrest her and the staff, when her mother told the cops to take the matter to court.

Haya Ali runs the salon in Gulistan e Jauhar area of Karachi.



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