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‘Samosa’ space mission ends up crash-landing in neighbouring country

The owner of a British restaurant has tried to send a samosa to space by using weather balloons, however, it ended up crash-landing in France.

The owner of the Chai Walla eatery in England’s Bath, Niraj Gadher, came up with an idea to send a samosa into space by using weather balloons filled with helium in order to give a reason to laugh to the people during the bleak times.

samosa space british eatery crash-land france

He told Somerset Live, “I said as a joke once that I would send a samosa into space, and then I thought during this bleak times we could all use a reason to laugh. The feedback is that it’s bought a lot of laughter from people and that’s what we wanted really, to spread joy.”

The owner of the eatery and his friends were seen in a YouTube video while attempting to send the street food up which succeeded in the third go.

samosa space british eatery crash-land france

In the first attempt, Gadher accidentally let go of the balloons before he had secured the food. In another attempt, they did not have enough helium for the balloons before their third attempt which went successful.

“The package had a parachute and was made of very light plastic so if there had been a problem it would have just floated down to earth,” he told the British media.

samosa space british eatery crash-land france

They attached a samosa to the weather balloon along with a GoPro video camera and a GPS tracker for being able to get known about its landing location. Later, they discovered the GPS was not working as it kept showing Gadher’s house as the location of the package.

Gadher thought once about the failure of his project, however, the GPS reactivated on the next day and revealed that the balloon carrying samosa had crash-landed in a field in Caix, Picardie located in northern France.

samosa space british eatery crash-land france

An Instagram user, AxelMathon, took responsibility to find the crash site where he discovered the balloon and the box containing the GoPro and the GPS hanging from a tree in a field, whereas, the samosa and its wrapper were missing.

Gadher assumed that they had become dinner for some local French wildlife.

samosa space british eatery crash-land france

“We’ve kept in touch with the guy that found it and he’s said when the world is more normal he’ll come over to Bath and meet us,” Gadher said.

The samosa’s space mission made the headlines across the French TV stations and news websites.



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