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Sania Mirza reveals why Anushka, Virat picked Italy as wedding destination

Wedding of Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli was the talk of the town and even after it, they continue to be key topic among Bollywood buffs and chattering classes. But Sania Mirza has an interesting revelation about the couple’s choice of wedding destination.

After the news of their marriage broke out on social media, good wishes poured in for the couple. Recently, tennis player Sania Mirza spoke about this amazing star couple’s wedding at an event.

She said that perhaps she would not be able to attend their wedding reception ceremonies in Delhi or Mumbai. She said in her statement, “I don’t know (whether I will attend their reception) I am not in the country I am leaving on December 21. I will be in Dubai.”

Further, she listed out one of the reasons as to why the couple went away to Italy to tie the knot. She said,

“The media hype I don’t cherish at all. It’s amazing right Virat and Anushka…”

…everybody’s known they have been together for a long time and what better when two people love each other to get married. They have gotten married and they realise how much media hype will be around them so they went away to Italy and did it.”

“But still at some point they will have to face it. High profile weddings are always complicated in terms of dealing with so much of outside stuff. Shaadi gives enough stress anyway. My sister got married and it wasn’t a high profile wedding but was still stressful,” she added when asked about the frenzy around the wedding.

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli tied the knot in a private wedding function in Milan, Italy.



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